What Made Me Come Back to Blogging?

A famous Chinese proverb says, "Life is like an echo—what you send out comes back."

It been a whole year I didn't wrote any single article on any of my blogs. This realization only came when I got domain expiration notice from my host for this domain. I checked archives and what I found is last article was posted on 12 June, 2013!

I gave a quick thought over what already happened & changed on Internet in this lost year for me to blog about. Second thought came into my mind was if I might have covered them all onto my blog regularly so what no. of hits & revenue I could have earned from it? But wait a second, I've witnessed all the web & social media disasters, waves of change and design revamps etc in this time slice. The thing I only forgot is to write them in my words that what I felt personally about those changes.

Though I was failed to write them down in my own words I've step into a real world these days where all practical things & algorithm changes doesn't matters. The only thing matter is RESULT!

So let's don't get much into conversation and let's be result oriented to start exploring new ideas, discuss the problems in Internet Marketing World. In short, Let's be Social!

Share some similar bounce back blogging stories and your personal learning experiences with me in comments below.

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Waze Finally Acquired By Google For $1.1B

Rumors started spreading before some days that Google could acquire a social mapping startup, Waze. And finally today Waze announced on their blog about team's acquisition by Google. Following it, Google has also published a post on their official blog hinting their next step to make map services even smarter collaboratively with Waze team.

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iOS 7 UI Inspired Android Theme For Next Launcher 3D

As we seen yesterday, Apple unveiled an unbelievable iOS design revamp with its latest iOS 7 launch at WWDC 2013 event. A very crispy fonts and beautiful clean UI that still any earlier version of iOS running iPhone user want to upgrade on. But for those who are on Android devices and still want to experience not exact but  kind of UI on their devices, Here 'Next Launcher iOS 7' theme available on Google Play store for Next Launcher 3D.

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Watch Apple WWDC 2013 Live Stream On Chrome Installed Windows PC[How-To]


The internet world has started catching a storm of Apple's much awaited WWDC 2013 event which is scheduled on today. All bloggers are getting their stuffs ready to break the news that world wants to hear first. But here Apple has also confirmed live streaming availability of whole event online & to Apple TV. But there's a twist, You’ll need Safari 4 or later on OS X, or Safari on iOS 4.2 or later, in order to access it in the browser. So wondering how you can watch event even on your Chrome installed Windows PC or any other non-Apple device? Start going through our tutorial at this link.

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Temple Run : Brave For Windows Phone 8 Is Now Available, Download Now!

Very much addicted game Temple Run from Imangi Studios is still on the top chart in iOS and Android app stores. Later on collaboratively released Temple Run : Brave version also released by Disney Pixar for both platforms, And now it lands onto Windows Phone 8 running device as well.


Temple Run: Brave , chapter of the popular and addictive series Temple Run created by Imangi Studios , this time in collaboration with Disney Pixar . Temple Run: Brave is available for smartphones with onboard Windows Phone 8 and equipped with 1 GB of memory RAM at a cost of 99 cents , But missing the free trial.

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BlackBerry Q10 Available To Pre-order in India

Those who been waiting for BlackBerry's identical QWERTY keyboard & polished BB 10 OS equipped BlackBerry Q10 phone in India, Here a good news comes right from BlackBerry India's official Twitter account and leading online store. Apparently, Snapdeal.com has started taking pre-orders for BB Q10 following to device launch hinted in tweet made at BlackBerry India account.

As per tweet made on 27th May,
"BlackBerry Q10 is coming to India soon. Stay tuned on our page for all the latest updates! http://bit.ly/300DVC"

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