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Importance of Social Media in SEO, Beginner's Guide


Search engine's latest integration with social media made SEO task more reader/customer friendly than organization friendly. Before business brands used to target their audiences based on old-fashioned keyword tools by using their collective niche results. But today everything has changed, Google bot has become more social with Panda update and social networking sites are now more integrated all over the Internet.

Social media is business tool using which business brands can promote and engage with their customers for purpose of lead generation and search engines are essential element to this as it generates organic listing of brands's social media activity. In short, Search engines prioritizing results based on their virality on social media. Content which received a lots of Tweets, Likes & +1s are more likely to feature on top of the search results.

But that not means you just keep doing lots of social media and pay less focus on quality of content on business websites/blogs. Remember, Quality content is all from where cycle of Social SEO starts!

Here are some key findings to integrate Social media with SEO effectively,

1.) Stay active on social media

While owning and maintaining business website you should pay attention to social media spaces as well. This means first you need to secure all possible social media profile before someone else grab it for making some nasty profits by using brand name. Once, You have one start posting some fresh content on them frequently.

2.) Describe your brand completely on social media profiles

Display and update all possible information about your brand on social media profiles including some links to business website. Which gives better impression in Search results as profiles with incomplete and inadequate information not listing well in search engines.

3.) Add some social plugins on business websites/blogs

Make easier for new/returning website visitor to find & communicate with social media profiles right from your company's website and blogs by adding some social buttons and plugins just like we do.

4.) Make Call-To-Action posts on social media

It is very important that people start interacting with your content on social media rather just being 'lurkers' who just read post and don't react on them.

5.) Provide readers tools to share content on social bookmarking sites

Sharing of your content on social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit & Pinterest assures virality. Which can drive bonus traffic to your business websites and can transform them into leads.

6.) Keep eyes on Social metrics

It is good practice to measure and adopt changes upon social insights using tools like Google Analytics & Facebook Insights. Which gives in-depth look into social metrics using which you can take important decisions.

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