Now Set Short Videos As Your Facebook Profile Pictures Just Like Looping GIFs


Profile pictures are always been heart of the every social media platform but Facebook has took it to whole new level by making tremendous changes to the look and feel of user’s profile.

Now Facebook has introduced new features to its mobile app that will let users replace their boring still profile pictures with a looping GIFs like 7 second short video. It adds a new dimension to the design and look with the creative profiles of users.

Facebook employees were making video profile pictures with cutest and creative ideas of: faces surrounded by puppies, hair blown by a fan or peeping out of the bushes. You can put static pictures but video pictures were become more beautiful and out of the box if available to everyone. The features being tested with small group of users of U.S. and U.K.

One more feature allows you to set temporary profile photo that automatically changes to the previous one after the specific time over. For instance you want to set profile pic for a special day of any sports and you put their team’s symbol or you want to set your vacation picture for a week only.

Till now users can only see the news feed and activity of their friends but these sections were small so users can avoid these sections and scroll down to the posts bur profile pictures were relatively large and users can’t miss that easily.

The new features shows:

  • Short bio of yourself (Teacher, doctor, musician or photographer) and you can use emojis.
  • About section which includes your address, office or institute.
  • then photos: in place of  small square as previously, all the photos were displayed if they are public photos and you can choose which photos to display.
  • After you photo section it shows most recent photos.
  • And then it shows you friends list and then your Timeline.

Profile shows more information to your friends in which they are interested in, like if your friends wants to see your  current city or where you work or live and your pictures, most of the time they see these info whenever they visit you profiles. List of our friends may be do not like about our most recent status update, or an article we found interesting, or an interesting place we visited. But the new profile design puts that list above all those things, probably because data shows that’s what your friends really want to see. Your profile is now less about what you want, and more about what your friends want.

“We’re just trying to balance out the information that might be more important to people when they’re visiting profiles,” said Aryeh Selekman, Facebook product manager.

[Source: The Verge]