Say ‘Hello’ Again to Orkut in an All New Avatar

Surely you might have missed the old ‘Orkut’ days when you hear about a Facebook’s data breach. So here your wish has come true, Orkut has returned to India in an all-new Avatar named – Hello!

Breaking stereotypes, Hello social network has been launched in India and Brazil first by putting markets like US & UK aside.


Orkut Buyukkokten, the founder of the once popular social media platform Orkut said about his new app Hello:

“If you look at social media today, it has isolated people instead of bringing them closer. It has become more about broadcasting than sharing. We need a fresh start. Hello is built around interest-based communities where users with same interests can connect, leading to true connections,”

“When a user signs up, they are asked about five things that they are passionate about and then get recommendations that are non-intrusive. We also ensure that every advertiser has a profile on hello (for greater accountability),” Orkut added that no user information is being shared with any third-party apps.

Also here’s what message description of Hello app has for Orkut users:

“We know you loved Orkut! Think of hello as the next evolution of but don’t expect it to be the same. You won’t find your old Orkut pictures and communities here, BUT you can expect to find many new communities, interesting people, and features that you’ll love. Give it a try, we’ll see you inside :)”

The hello app is available to download from App Store and Google Play.

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