The Invisible Cloak of Harry Potter Soon To Become Reality

Invisible Cloak

The invisible cloak of the fantasy world now soon available in the real world.

Researchers from California University developing a technology, an ultra-thin invisibility cloak which is able to make objects disappear is just a 80 nanometers thin.The technology are designed to make the lights bend around the objects and can match any background behind the object.

Xiang Zhang,director of Materials Science at Berkeley Laboratory built the device. “It’s the first time we’ve done arbitrary shape cloaking, he said. They made a 50 nanometers thick layer of magnesium fluoride with topping of brick shaped,tiny gold antennas of 30 nanometers thick. The overall size of the layer is 80 nanometers if we compare it with human hair which are 1,00,000 nanometers thick.

But its also a fact that cloak will not make anyone disappear instead can convert the object appear flat or in another shape and that also if viewed from particular range of length & distance.

Sir John Pendry, a pioneer in the field of invisibility cloaks at Imperial College, London, said that older versions of invisibility cloaks are as thick as shed than a thin wizard’s cloak as seen in Harry Potter movies.

Zhang’s cloak can hide only tiny objects and microscopic in size but he believes that he can make the skin for much larger objects or a human body.

“One application might be in cosmetics,” Zhang said. He also added that it can make the round human belly looks like 6 packs.

“I would rather think of this cloak as a device for altering the apparent shape of an object, making it appear to be something that it is not. That could be very useful in stealth technology.” Sir Pendry added.

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