WhatsApp for Android: Latest Update Brings ‘Middle Finger Emoji’ & Tons Of Other Features


For WhatsApp users who have ever wished there should be a “middle finger emoji” to take out their emotions, the wait is over. Now using latest update you can send Middle finger emoji in your WhatsApp on Android or Windows officially.

The latest version of WhatsApp on Android unlocked this middle finger button along with Vulcan salute emoji, which is even offered in different skin tones. In addition, this update rolls out other features like new emojis, custom notifications, as well as a new “low data” mode for phone calls – Which already been rolled out to iOS users except middle finger emoji.

For those who going to include middle finger emoji in their conversations think twice before using it in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Who has passed a new Cyber Crime Law that can fine natives up to AED 250,000 ($68,000) for sending insults or swearing via messaging apps, social media, and email. Authorities in the UAE have warned users that sending a middle finger emoji would be punishable under law.

However, WhatsApp users with iPhones will have to wait as the messaging platform has decided to roll out this feature for Android devices first. As per GlobalWebIndex, nearly three-quarters of WhatsApp users are on Android and only a 22 percent are on iOS eco-system.

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